UNWRAPPED: Unpacking the Consumer Market

Read, watch, listen to the news and it would appear that the sky is falling in.

You’ll know the facts. You’ve faced them a thousand times: ½ of the world’s population live on less than £2 a day. 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in the oceans annually. 100 million animals are killed in scientific testing each year. The average person absorbs 167 toxins daily through their beauty regime alone.

This tidal wave of bad news seems to gather strength with every passing hour. Each day heralds new reports of consumer damage, rising excess, and decreasing ethics.

We’re told that we can make a difference. Can opt for fair trade, organic, vegan and plastic free. Thanks to the ethical eco warriors amongst us we now have glossy high street havens boasting the best in sustainable produce. Cue the plastic free cotton bud, the ethically produced trainer and the cruelty-free gummy bear. What joy!

But these products come at a premium. They take time to locate, to establish as ethical, to buy up and to lug home. God forbid you forget your re-usable bag (and suffer death by evil stare from the hipster hero in the queue behind you). There aren’t always enough minutes in our busy days, or coins in our pockets, to muster strength for such an excursion. So we scour the Internet and are bombarded with conflicting advise and more options than we can begin to consider.

There are the days when you simply can’t remember what it is you need to avoid on the shampoo label. You need a new top and the synthetic number is all you can find without busting the bank. You try to fight the sustainable fight. But you’re busy, you’re buried under a demanding life, you want to do the right thing but it feels like work after work. We know the feeling.

What’s needed is a more efficient place to shop. A place that doesn’t shame us into overpriced purchases. Or reproach our inability to fit our household waste into a jam jar (though mother-earth are we mighty impressed you zero waste champions). How about an online market place to shop for everyday goods without guilt? Somewhere that brings sustainable shoppers and ethical sellers together to support the kind of responsible consumerism we need to make the norm.

Why not throw in a bank of trustworthy resources, including news, tips and tricks to help you get your fair trade fill in one? A place to answer and ease the classic consumer queries and help you live the eco sustainable ethical warrior life with ease.

Welcome, fellow travellers, to Unwrapped Market; the platform empowering consumers to live responsibly. Unwrapped is in its infancy. But we’re growing on the double. We’re making friends faster than you can say ‘single-use’. Together, we’re peeling off the packaging and creating a better way to shop. Cruelty free, single-use plastic free and chemical free – guaranteed.

Join us on our journey. Get in touch here and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date as we open up our marketplace and share our love of all things Unwrapped with you.

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