Start 2019 with a Green End to Christmas

Did you have a fabulously sustainable Christmas? Reusable crackers, cloth-wrapping and locally sourced brussels all round? Yes? Hurrah!

Find it a little tricky to be quite so sustainable as all that? Well ‘tis the season of resolutions. And as you’re here at Unwrapped Market we guess one of your resolutions has something to do with consuming more consciously. To help you along with that resolution our one stop shop for all the environmental, sustainable, ethical goods you could possibly wish for will be opening its metaphorical doors in a matter of weeks. Watch. This. Space.

Keen to learn more about this wonderful world of guilt-free shopping? We’ve got plenty advice on how and why to live the sustainable life in 2019. Lets begin with closing up Christmas.

This weekend will see the last day of Christmas descend. Not sure what that means? It’s decorations out and resolutions in! You’ll notice the change. You wont be able to miss it. Christmas trees discarded on roadsides tend to be the major eyesore. Then there are the bags on unwanted presents dumped outside the charity shops. And a huge rise in numbers of lycra-clad folk pounding the streets. While exercise and funding charity work are things we applaud here at Unwrapped, tree dumping is resolutely not ok in our books.

UK waste collection company Biffa estimates that 100 million bags of garbage are sent to landfill by UK residents at this time of year. That’s 30% more rubbish than usual. A hefty proportion of that figure is made up of Christmas trees. Around 6 million of the bristly plants will end up in landfill post Christmas 2018 according to waste management firm Fresh Start.

Christmas trees may seem a sensible thing to send into the soil but in reality they’re hardly much better for our soil than bubble wrap and old TVs. Turns out these trees take around 25 years to decompose during which time they’re slowly releasing methane. Methane is 25 times more potent than C02 and makes up around half of what is known as landfill gas – a toxic cocktail that endangers human, animal, plant and ozone health.

So. What to do with the tree instead? For UK residents, your local council may well run a recycling scheme that turns old trees into earth-friendly wood chippings and compost. Find out on your local council website or at this handy recycling locator. Alternatively register with NGO Just Helping to recycle your tree and raise money for charity too. Double delights.

An artificial tree user? Pack the plastic away for next year. If you simply can’t then try your local charity shop or voluntary organisation.

All seem like a lot of post party hassle? Next year get a tree in a pot and enjoy simply popping it out into the garden; or for the city dwelling flat sharers amongst us, have fun with a bit of gorilla gardening come January 6th.

Here at Unwrapped we’ve already planted ours out. And are working on making green living easy for all by opening up the Unwrapped Marketplace as soon as we can. Any suggestions, requests, questions from consumers, makers or brands do send us notes on the back of a postcard, by pigeon, owl or email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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